Scion, or in nower days Substance & Vainqueur are Peter Kuschnereit and René Löwe. The first release of Scion was called „Emerge“ in 1995 on the label Chain Reaction.

At that time both worked also on their projects Vainqueur (René) and Substance (Peter). Both artists released solo CD albums on Chain Reaction in 1997.

Another outstanding project of both was a maginificent mix CD called “Scion - arrange and process basic channel tracks”, for Tresor records in 2002.

After various own productions and remixes for Burial Mix and others they’ve founded their own label called Scion Versions in 2006 to release another series of tracks with their unique mystifying harmonic techno sound.

Also they present their sound live in various countries worldwide. These performances draw a bow from their original Chain Reaction sound to their current and upcoming releases in a continuous mix.

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