Paul St. Hilaire w/ Scion

Paul St. Hilaire (aka Tikiman) is a reggae vocalist from the island of Dominica in the Caribbean.

In 1995 he began collaborating with Rhythm & Sound who produced a series of releases featuring his vocals on their own Burial Mix label that have inspired listeners and other producers ever since. To present this material in a showcase live, Paul St. Hilaire and Scion hooked up in 1999.

Scion's mission is to operate as sound engineers and music selectors. Instrumental versions have been

taken from the legendary album "Showcase" (Burial Mix) and they are used as the basic platform for the performance. Also the labels Main Street and Rhythm & Sound are delivering material that Scion includes to the set.

The music is played from laptops, and through wide effect-processing Paul St. Hilaire's voice has been given room for a breathtaking acoustic experience.

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