René Löwe / Vainqueur

The sound the Berlin / Hard Wax enviroment is known for is hardly imagenable without Renés contribution. He is one of the earliest & may most defining protagonists.

His first envolvment in music production had the piece „Vainqueur - Lyot“ as a result and became a benchmark in electronic music. For René the main interest has been the sound and it's creation. This led him finding a truly trademark sound - harmonic, dense and spatial.

His works are including various releases on Chain Reaction, as part of Scion a remarkable

mix-compilation for Tresor Records, collaborations with Paul St. Hilaire also known as Tikiman and seven releases so far for Scion Versions, the main platform for him in nower days.

Live he presents his sound as part of the projects Substance & Vainqueur and Scion w/ Tikiman. Rarely he plays a very delicate live set containing blends of his own past and recent works. Since the beginning he has been a dj and still he amazes with his great selections and tasteful sets of different kinds of house music.

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